Lab Members

Jaap de Roode

Professor of Biology

Jaap received his MSc in Population Biology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and his PhD in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He is interested in the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, and currently studies infectious diseases of monarch butterflies, honey bees and humans.

Erik Edwards

Greenhouse manager

Erik obtained a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Georgia and has worked as grower at several commercial greenhouses. Since November 2017, he has been in charge of the Biology Department’s greenhouse, facilitating monarch butterfly work in the de Roode and Gerardo labs.

Joselyne Chavez

Lab manager

Joselyne received her BA in Biology: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Barnard College, Columbia University. She is the Research Specialist for the de Roode and Gerardo labs. Her interests include the effects of climate change and other environmental factors on monarch-milkweed system and the application of chemical ecology techniques to better understand the mechanisms involved in the symbiosis and how those interactions have evolved over time.

Mitchell Kendzel

PBEE Graduate Student

Mitchell obtained his MSc in Biology from the University of Cincinnati and is currently a PhD student in Emory’s PBEE program. His work has focused on movement ecology and sensory biology. His current research interests are using the monarch butterfly as a model to study how parasitism interferes with animal migration and the influence this has on the development of sedentary populations.

Mackenzie Hoogshagen

PBEE Graduate Student

Mackenzie obtained her BSc in Biology from the University of Central Arkansas and is currently a PhD student in Emory’s PBEE program. Her work focuses on chemical ecology and budget energy modeling. She is interested in understanding how climate change may alter host-parasite interactions, and uses monarch butterflies, their milkweed plants and their protozoan parasites as a model system.

Gabe DuBose

Research Specialist

Gabe obtained his MS in bioinformatics at Georgia Tech and is an incoming PhD student in the Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution program at Emory. Gabe’s work focuses on understanding how ecological and environmental factors influence organismal development. He uses the interaction between monarch butterflies, their protozoan parasite, and the milkweeds they feed on as a model system to study how an organism’s ecology influences its development at the molecular level.

Emmanuel Arega

Undergraduate Student

Emmanuel is a biology major and interested in the biology of host-parasite interactions. He is studying the genetic basis of host resistance to parasitism in monarch butterflies.

Jimmy Zhang

Undergraduate Student

Jimmy is a biology major and interested in microbiology. He is studying the microbiome of different milkweed species, and their role in driving the gut microbiome of monarch butterflies.

Emma Cornejo

Undergraduate Student

Emma is a pre-dental biology major and interested in monarch biology and host-parasite interactions. She is studying the role of milkweed chemicals in providing resistance to parasite infection in monarch butterflies.

Kunsang Tsering

Undergraduate Student

Kunsang is a Human Health major and interested in the role of environmental change on host-parasite interactions. He is investigating how climate change will alter milkweed chemicals and thereby monarch resistance to parasitism.

Tristan Olpin

Undergraduate Student

Tristan is a biology major who is interested in how climate change affects the tri-trophic interaction between monarchs, milkweeds, and parasites.


Lab Alumni


PhD Students

Eleanore Sternberg

Thesis title: “Studies of local adaptation and ecological determinants of infection in a monarch butterfly parasite interaction”

Amanda Pierce

Thesis title: “Determining the effects of animal migration and range expansion on population genetics”

Travis Dynes

Thesis title: “Genetics and human management in Varroa destructor parasitism”

Erica Harris

Thesis title: “The role of medicinal food plants in mediating the gut microbiome and disease resistance in monarch butterflies”

Zachary Lynch

Thesis title: “Effects of parasites on host adaptation: immune system trade-offs, alternative behavioral defenses, and outcrossing rates”

Mary Bushman

Thesis title: “Within-host competition and evolution of drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Wen-Hao Tan

Thesis title: “Ecological immunology in a tri-trophic context: plant-mediated defense and immune gene evolution in monarch butterflies”

Signe White

Thesis title: “The evolution of virulence in heterogeneous host populations”

MS Students

Dylan Grippi

Thesis title: “Within-host ecology: parasitism over a changing landscape”

Gayatri Sekar

Thesis title: “Assessing competition between drug resistant and drug sensitive parasites in natural populations of Plasmodium falciparum

Andrew Mongue

Thesis title: “Dynamics of multiple matings in monarch butterflies”

Ivan Shoemaker

Thesis title: “Risk-based plasticity of self-medication behavior in Drosophila melanogaster

Undergraduate Students

Ali Ebada

Rayshaun Pettit

Ella Zhao

Kieran Kelly

Ashley Williams

Karl Protil

Wajd Alaidrous

John Rolfes

Mahal Bugay

Ezinne Nwadinobi

Ava Salmi

Abby Hotaling

Kristen Eichamer

Becca Nation

Mahal Bugay

Alicia Johnson

Chengwei Lo

Jessica Cai

Dametris Osbourne

Carl Dalmeus

Destane Garrett

Sasha Iwamoto

Aamina Ahmad

Kevin Hoang

Michelle Tsai

Itai Doron

Yiwen Li

Sarah Kuehl

Maaz Ahmed

Roy Kucuk

Jessica Nguyen

Hannah Klein

Ahmed Aljohani

Grace Chlebove

Andrew Pahnke

Hannah Soloff

Gwen Kirschke

Elizabeth Sun

Krish Khurana

Sam Marrack

Isabella Cantor

Miles Hollimon

Yaw Kumi-Ansu

Kristoffer Leon

Andrew Mongue

Camden Gowler

Marie Bangura

Charisma Mylavarapu

Elizabeth Moore

Yamini Potini

Milan Udawatta

Rohini Swamy

Rebecca Wang

Shahbadul Faraz

John Joyave

Amanda Rawstern

Sarah Sonny

Carlos Lopez

Ashley Darar

Hui Li

Brandon Hedrick

Junjian Huang